Thursday, 19 September 2013

Celebrate 120 years of votes for women in NZ

On September 19, 2013 we celebrate 120 Years of Votes for New Zealand women.  In 1893, the suffragists presented white camellias to the members of the House of Representatives who supported votes for women.
The white camellia (or Camellia japonica alba plena) became a symbol of New Zealand women’s struggle for the right to vote. 

Take part through art Design an A3 - A2 poster that shows what living in a democracy means to you.  Due 1 November.
Make a paper camellia to wear today

Google's Plumbing

Colours - for Years 7/8

Creating a visual image

NCEA Level 1 English students may be attempting this internal.  Here is a powerpoint to help you:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Be a better photographer

MorgueFile stock great free photographs for you to use but it also has a classroom site.  I suggest you use their lessons to improve your basic photography skills.

In 1 second on the internet there are:

Internet Concept  Stock Photo

Have you ever wondered just how much data is being created, uploaded, shared and shuffled around the Internet? Here's a site that will put it in perspective for you:

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How long will you live?