Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Research Skills

The Big 6

For investigating sources of information from databases, encyclopedias and the Internet is “the Big Six.” This process sets out the steps as follows:
1. Define the task – what needs to be done?
2. Information Seeking Strategies – what resources can I use?
3. Location and Access – where can I find these resources?
4. Use of information – what can I use from these resources?
5. Synthesis – what can I make to finish the job?
6. Evaluation – how will I know I did my job well?

The Kentucky Virtual Library How to Do Research

The Kentucky Virtual Library has an online poster-style How to Do Research site for guiding younger pupils through the steps to finding the information they need on any topic, whether in print form, multimedia or online. Presented in a visual comic/game style it explains in child-friendly language the process to find the information being sought. And each page of advice is presented as a set of easy to digest straightforward steps, breaking down each task (whether finding the information, recording it, evaluating it, or presenting it) in cartoon-style visual interactive style making it attractive to primary users.

Ergo – Teaching Research Skills

Ergo – Teaching Research Skills from the State Library of Victoria, Australia, is a guide for you to get help finding the information you need for a school assignment. The guide provides helpful explanations, hints, tips and further resources for each of the steps: Define the task, Locate information, Select resources, Organise notes, Present the ideas, Evaluate your work.

All About Explorers

All About Explorers is a webquest which guides you through making better use of information that is presented online. It helps you to evaluate what you read online, and how to select from the information you do find. 

Google Tools for Better Searching

Google A Day is a daily-changing search challenge. (You can go back to previous challenges if you wish). Answer the question by using a search engine. If you are not sure how to get started, click on the hint to get a bit of help. And the answer is provided. There are also links to tips and techniques for better Internet searching.
Get More Out of Google is a poster with advice and practical tips for making more eficient use of Google search engine.

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